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Tauranga WBOP

  • Official club name: The Friendship Force of Tauranga WBOP (Western Bay of Plenty)
  • Closest major airport: Tauranga (domestic flights only); Auckland International Airport for domestic and all international flights.
  • Cost of transportation between Auckland Airport and Tauranga city (based on 20 people): $NZ850.
  • Maximum number of Ambassadors the club can host: 20

About the club

The Friendship Force of Tauranga WBOP was founded in 1989. Current membership is 33 made up of couples and singles.

About the region

The Western Bay of Plenty enjoys a sunny climate. Tauranga, the commercial centre, is often the second sunniest city in New Zealand. The climate is ideal for growing kiwifruit, avocados and citrus, for which the region is recognised. Along with forestry, steel and dairy products, kiwifruit is exported through the Port of Tauranga, New Zealand's largest export port. Cruise ships visit the harbour regularly during summer months. Towards the northern end of the bay is Katikati, widely known for its murals and craftspeople. The distinctive 232 m (760 ft) high extinct volcano Mauao (Mt Maunganui) guards the entrance to Tauranga Harbour, overlooks Tauranga and a 22 km (14 miles) stretch of white sandy beach, the most popular surf beach in New Zealand. The rugged native forest-clad Kaimai Ranges form the inland boundary to the narrow fertile coastal plain.

About our Programme

The best time to visit is between March and November. Winter months are June, July and August, when frosts can occur and many of our members travel overseas. Formal functions include a mayoral reception including morning tea, a farewell dinner for Ambassadors and members of our club, a day visit to the thermal wonderland of Rotorua and other attractions in that area or outings arranged by the Host Coordinator.

Updated 16 February 2017


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