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Inward and outward Friendship Force Journeys

Most clubs in New Zealand participate in at least one Outbound and two Inbound Friendship Force Journeys each year. (In addition, many clubs arrange a Domestic Journey with one or more clubs within New Zealand).  

For the International Friendship Force Journeys, clubs all over the world annually nominate clubs or countries they would like to visit and the clubs they would like to host.  These requests are sent to and collated by the Friendship Force International head office in Atlanta, and from these, an International Journey Programme is created.

Friendship Force Journeys normally comprise a group of 15-20 Ambassadors and have a duration of 5-7 days. During this time, ideas and experiences are shared, cultural horizons are widened, trust and mutual respect is developed, and truly memorable times are enjoyed. A Friendship Force Journey is a sharing experience for both Ambassadors and Hosts.

The Ambassador Club

The visiting club is known as the Ambassador club and those taking part are called Ambassadors. This reflects the fact that travellers are ambassadors for their country and for the Friendship Force organisation. To arrange the Friendship Force Journey, the Ambassador Club appoints an Ambassador Coordinator whose task is to communicate with the Host club, plan the itinerary and programme, invite club members and others to participate, and make all travel arrangements. 

Briefings (workshops) are arranged to ensure that Ambassadors understand and are prepared to uphold the principles of The Friendship Force, and to learn about the host clubs to be visited - their country, their culture and their customs. Most importantly, Ambassadors are expected to take part in the everyday living of the host’s lifestyle. In Friendship Force we encourage you to ‘be yourself, but be your best self’.

The Hosting Club

The Host Club appoints a Host Coordinator whose job is to communicate with the Ambassador Coordinator, arrange hosts, and plan a local programme that usually includes a welcome and a farewell event.  Some days may include day trips to special places, and for the remainder of the stay, the hosts may show their Ambassador guests the local points of interest. 

Hosts do not receive any remuneration, but the hosting club receives from the Ambassadors a per capita sum to offset any costs incurred during the programme. These are outlined in the schedule below.

Types of Friendship Force Journeys

  • Club to Club – these are arranged by the Friendship Force Journey programme referred to above.
  • Stopover – during a Friendship Force Journey that involves several host clubs, a short Stopover of 2-3 nights may be arranged with another Host club.
  • Domestic Journeys – clubs within New Zealand may arrange a Domestic Journey with one or more other clubs within New Zealand.
  • Special Friendship Force Journeys - these are specialised journeys focused on bringing people together who have a common interest, and on taking Friendship Force to different and new places in the world. Included are:
    • Global Friendship Force Journeys which can be initiated by FFI or by any member, and which visit interesting areas of the world.
    • Themed Friendship Force Journeys which are usually run by a club and are based round a specific theme. A recent inbound themed journey to New Zealand was themed around ebiking and was called "Great Bike Trails of New Zealand". The journey diary can be read here.
    • Discover Friendship Force Journeys which are usually initiated by FFI and visit those parts of the world where there are no existing clubs.
    • Cruise Friendship Force Journeys which are usually initiated by FFI and are cruises with a Friendship Force focus.

Outbound Friendship Force Journeys 

Members are welcome to apply to join a Friendship Force journey to anywhere in the world. For a full list of current outward Friendship Force Journeys, go to the FFI website - click here.

Please note that the Friendship Force Journeys and the details shown are only indicative and frequently vary as a result of negotiations between the clubs concerned. The details can involve actual dates, order of visits, or other itinerary details. 

New Zealand and Australian clubs have their own journey listing in the South Pacific E-Flyer. To view the latest South Pacific E-Flyer, go to the South Pacific E-Flyer tab.

Policy documents on health & mobility and an ambassador code of conduct can be found in the Members Section (My Pages) under Google Docs - see Journeys folder.


Updated: 12 December 2022