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New Zealand

New Plymouth

  • Official club name: The Friendship Force of New Plymouth 
  • Closest major airport: Auckland International Airport for international flights; New Plymouth Airport for our city and the Taranaki region.  
  • Number of Ambassadors our club can host: minimum 12, maximum 20

About the club

Formed in 1984, our Club has been active since then. Membership is 56. We usually host two or three inward groups each year and aim to take one outward Friendship Force Journey with a goal of 21 Ambassadors, always including members from other New Zealand clubs. Our largest outward exchange was to South America in 1998 with 43 Ambassadors from 12  different New Zealand clubs. Emphasis is placed on building a strong bond of friendship within groups before departure. Many members are older, but they are active, warm, friendly and hospitable. 

About the region

The district of New Plymouth nestles along the shoreline of the Tasman Sea on the North Island's west coast. Beyond the city, Mt Taranaki/Egmont's symmetrical cone, rising from the fertile pastoral plains, stands guardian over the district and province, ensuring plentiful rainfall for one of the most productive dairying districts in the world. New Plymouth is the commercial centre and port for the province. The area is also the centre for New Zealand's oil industry.

We have natural gas at Kapuni and several oilfields within the province and offshore. New Plymouth has a rich historical heritage, dating from 1840, as well as Maori arts and crafts preserved and displayed in Puke Ariki, a unique multimillion dollar museum/library and information centre. New Plymouth is well known for its beautiful parks, walkways, beaches and mountain. PukekuraPark is famous worldwide. Our climate is moderate, without snow in winter and adequate rainfall ensures year round greeness. Ambassadors are advised to bring walking shoes, a warm cardigan (sweater), raincoat and umbrella. 

About our Programme

Hosts greet their Ambassadors on arrival, and our programme usually includes several group functions, a meeting with our Mayor, welcome, farewell and "pot luck" gatherings, and bus trips to points of interest. Day hosts and special interest hosts assist with a programme planned creatively to cater for the different interests of each group. Any extra costs involved in activities requested by the group and not covered by the budget will be advised in advance. We welcome Ambassadors from all countries to New Plymouth, where new friends are waiting to share their lifestyle and beautiful area with you!

Updated 16 February 2017


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