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New Zealand


  • Official club name: The Friendship Force of Napier
  • Closest major airport:  Auckland International Airport for most international travel, Wellington airport, though closer, has a more limited number of international flights
  • Closest regional/local airport: Napier Airport; flights between Napier, Auckland and Wellington are scheduled hourly throughout the day
  • Cost of transportation (based on 20 people) between the airport and our city: None, hosts routinely meet Ambassadors at Napier Airport
  • Maximum number of Ambassadors our club can host: 15

About the club

The Napier club was chartered in 1984. There are approximately 30 members living within a 30 km radius of Napier. Membership consists mainly of retired people. We welcome inbound groups twice a year and make one outbound journey per year. 

About the region

The twin cities of Napier and Hastings are the population hub of the popular tourist region of Hawke's Bay on the east coast of the North Island. The cities are only 19 km apart. They have a combined population of approximately 120,000, which is growing steadily.  Major industries are sheep, cattle, and dairy farming, market gardening and viticulture. Orchards of pip and stone fruits comprise the other principal income earners of the fertile plains known as the Fruit Bowl of New Zealand. Napier Port is the second busiest container port in the North Island. Tourism is also a major contributor, with over 50 cruise ships visiting the port during the summer. Daytime temperatures range from 14° - 30° C (57°- 87° F) October to March, and 8° - 20° C (47°- 68° F) throughout the rest of the year. Frosty nights may occur during the winter away from the coast but, annually, we vie for the highest number of sunshine hours nationally.    

About a typical programme for our club

A major feature of our programme is the art deco tour of Napier that highlights the city's unique architecture, which resulted from rebuilding the cities following the disastrous earthquake of 1931. Other regular excursions include visits to the local gannet colonies (October to March), wine trails and tastings, a mayoral reception, picnics and barbecues in areas of rain forest, jet boating, and visits to farms and Maori meeting houses. Sea or river fishing, golf and other sports can also be arranged, as seasons permit. Hosts also take great pleasure in driving Ambassadors throughout the local area to show off the outstanding surrounding countryside.

Updated 16 February 2017


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