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New Zealand


  • Official club name: The Friendship Force of Horowhenua Inc.
  • Closest major airport:  Wellington International Airport 
  • Closest regional airport: Palmerston North (55 km), domestic flights only. 
  • The maximum number of Ambassadors our club can host: 16

About the club

The Friendship Force of Horowhenua held its first meeting in 1989 and became a licensed member of FFI in 1991. Our members enthusiastically welcome all overseas Friendship Force Journeys. We like to host two inward visits each year and have enjoyed many outward journeys. Friendship Force members, hosts and day hosts treat their Ambassadors to a week of sightseeing, which usually includes a visit to our capital, Wellington.  Our current membership is 34

About the region

Horowhenua is the name of our region and means landslide (horo - slide; whenua - land). The area is steeped in Maori history. Levin, population around 16,000, is the centre of the Horowhenua region and is nestled between the Tararua Ranges and the beautiful Tasman Sea ocean beaches. It is a thriving provincial town with a strong employment base in horticulture, agriculture, manufacturing and the commercial servicing sector. Levin has good shopping facilities and factory shops operating in the town, as do the smaller towns of Foxton, Otaki and Shannon. Orchards, fresh vegetable stalls and garden nurseries can be found on the outskirts.

Because of our geographical location, you can enjoy the reserves and beaches, outdoor activities such as swimming and bush-walking, or tramping for the more experienced. All this is within easy reach - just 5-10 minutes drive from any of the region's towns.  The temperate climate of the region enhances the holiday atmosphere and, depending on the season, a barbeque or picnic, farm visits or garden rambles, craft or hobby shopping, golf, tourist attractions, a Maori cultural experience and visiting with extended families are all likely to be included in your visit.

About our Programme

Our programmes sometimes begin or end in the capital city, Wellington, which is 100 km (60 miles) south of Levin and is the site of our nearest international airport. You may travel there by bus or train giving you the opportunity to view more of the beautiful local scenery; the cost varies depending on the method of travel chosen. Our nearest airport is Palmerston North about 55 km (34 miles) north of us but it caters only for domestic flights. Culture is alive and well in the Horowhenua, with many groups and societies involved in the visual and performing arts, and there is a strong following of the many diverse crafts.

Updated 16 February 2017


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